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Budhanilkantha and Shivapuri hill Hiking Day tour

Budhanilkantha and Shivapuri hill Day tour

The famous temple of Budhanilkantha lies at the northern outskirt approximately, 11 km away from center of Kathmandu. Budhanilkantha is a huge monolithic statue of sleeping Vishnu on the Shesh saiya (snake bed). The statue was constructed in 6-7th century during Lichchhavi period. The statue is worshiped jointly by Saiva and Baisnav sect of Hinduism and Buddhist equally. This trip visits Budhanilakantha and Shivapuri hill hike is continued afterwards.

The hike starts from Panimuhan at the entry point of Shivapuri National Park. Trail runs inside the dense forest of Shivapuri Nagarjun National park with gentle elevation up to Nagi Gumpa. The gumpa is one of the major attractions of this day tour. A 3 hour uphill walk from Nagi Gumba takes you to the Baghdwar. Baghdwar is a beautiful water spring where the Bagmati Rivers starts. The trail is best hiking trail for nature walk and bird watching enthusiast. In a clear day, one might observe the spectacular panorama of   snow-capped Himalayas below the northern and eastern horizon.

At the top of the Shivapuri hill, white statue of legendary Shivapuri Baba is placed. From the top, the trail connects another ridge of hill to descend down. Comparatively, the descending trail is steeper and shorter. The trail ends at Paanimuhan to complete encircling route of  the Shivapuri hill day tour.

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