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Mustang Region Trekking

  • Grade: Easy
  • Duration: 16 to 18 days
  • Destination:
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  • Highest Altitude: 3780m

Mustang was originally known as Mun Tan, meaning ‘fertile land’ in Tibetan. Mustang region was an
independent Buddhist kingdom of Lo but was later annexed with Nepal in the eighteenth century. But
before 1992, this region was forbidden and isolated from the rest of the world. Some Westerners visited
this area and came back with reports about its highly developed culture and medieval society and a
magnificent landscape that could not be explained in simple words. After this region was opened for
tourism in 1992, life in Mustang has been revolving around tourism along with its ancient practices of
animal husbandry and trade.
Mustang is also known at the Tibet outside the Tibetan border as the area is inhabited by Thakalis and
Gurungs who are primarily Tibetans and the Tibetan culture is reflected throughout the region. This
western region on Nepal has been able to maintain its distinctive tradition and culture until date as it is
still being ruled by a spiritual and religious king of the walled capital city of Lo Manthang.
The climate in Mustang is mainly dry due to its position in the rain shadow of the Annapurna massif and
Dhaulagiri range. Annapurna I at 8,091 meters, Dhaulagiri at 8,167 meters and more than 35 mountains
above 6,000 meters surround this valley which add more charm to the already breathtaking region. Strong
winds blow during the afternoon making it chilly even in summer but the winds tend to subside during the
night. And since the climate is really dry the entire region is treeless and greenery can be hardly found
around the area. But despite this fact, the presence of desert-like landscape, barren ridges, deep canyons,
gnarled cliffs and moraine valleys provide a charm different from that of the beauty other trekking trails
provide. Since most of the inhabitants of this region depend upon animal husbandry and trade, herds of
sheep can be seen gazing around the pastures and hundreds of ponies carrying loads.
Trekking to this region is an ideal option for someone who seeks no arduous challenge. It can be easily
done even by someone who does not have any previous trekking experience and wants to go on at their
own pace and rest as much as they need.

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