Special Tours

Nepal has been a Yoga Heaven for the millenniums. The ancient Hermits, Yogis and Saints have meditated in the Himalayas lap for years before they attained Salvation/Nirvana.

  • Wedding Tour

    • Grade: Easy
    • Duration: 9 Days
    • Max Altitude: 1360

    Nepal owes diverse ethnicity, different ethnic community practice marriage process with separate rituals. Most of the people intensely believe in a traditional and ritualistic marriage practice in Nepal. Wedding tour in Nepal provides you a unique and memorable experience with your better half following Nepalese marriage rituals.

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  • Shiva Ratri Tour

    Shiva Ratri Tour Kathmandu

    • Grade: Easy
    • Duration: 4 days
    • Max Altitude: 1400m

    People celebrate several festivals in the Pashupatinath area, the festival of Shiva Ratri (Shiva’s Night) is the biggest festival in Pashupatinath Temple premises. Shiva Ratri Tour literally means the night of Lord Shiva or the night he created himself by his own divine grace.

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  • Thrilling Honey Hunting Tour in the high hills cliffs of Nepal

    Honey Hunting Tour

    • Grade: Moderate
    • Duration: 8 Days

    The traditional way of honey hunting tour is an adventure activity that uses almost no special tools and techniques and safety measures. Generally, the honey hunters are Gurung people. They are practicing the tradition for generations.
    Extracting honey from rock bees that live in steep slope is an age-old tradition of some of the indigenous Nepali communities like Gurungs and Magars. Among many mountain cliffs in Nepal, the Budhi Gandaki valley in Manaslu region and the Cliffs in Annapurna Conservation Area have a notable presence of wild bee. This species of bee makes hive on the vertical slopes of such cliff. Hunting cliff honey is a risky job. Most of those cliffs got names after the honey hunters who died while harvesting.

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  • Tiji Festival Trek

    • Grade: Moderate to Strenuous
    • Duration: 19 Days
    • Max Altitude: 4190m

    Tiji Festival trek is a trip program to experience the trans-Himalaya culture along with Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang. Tiji Festival is a Tibetan Buddhist Festival that Lho-Manthang of Upper […]

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