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Trekking Grade

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Trekking Grade

Topographically, Nepal owns diverse features and trekking trips are organized from mid-hills to high mountain base camps. Trekking in Nepal, being a high altitude activity, conducts in different climatic, topological and geographical conditions. Most of the remote parts of the country especially the Tourist zone are out of the reach of motor-able roads and modern facilities. Normally, we classify trekking grades based on hardness, preparation needed and other influencing factors to conduct it. Oriental Journeys offers trekking possibilities for all types of trekkers from easy to most adventurous treks. We have recommendations for mountaineers with little experience to well-trained climbers as per their need and preparedness. Hence, the recommendation for trekking grade bases on the length of the trip itinerary, maximum altitude to be reached, remoteness, preparedness, walking conditions, weather, and so on.

Nepal Easy Trek- Ghandruk Village

Easy Treks

One won’t’ need any experience of rock climbing and mountaineering to participate in this type of trekking. Easy Treks normally begins at an elevation below 3500m. The trip itinerary recommends e a little walk about 3 to 4 hours in a day with an occasional steep path. Trekkers without robust physical condition too can do these trips. People of all age groups, seniors, couples with a young child, and people who do not want hard walking can choose the easy treks.

Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty


Comparatively, Moderate treks are a bit longer and harder than easy treks. 4-6 hours of walking per day is common and moderate treks. Moderate treks are low altitude walk up to an elevation of 4500meters. Oriental Journeys recommends moderate trek to all types of trekkers.

Gokyo Cho-La Pass Trek
Gokyo Cho-La Pass Trek

Strenuous / Adventurous

The trekking trips that conducts to an elevation between 4500m to 5500m are generally strenuous treks. These treks are the toughest grade and one needs 7 to 8 hours of walking each day. The travel itinerary of strenuous treks ranges from 12 to 14 days through remote and high passes. Trekkers willing to do strenuous trek need to have strong physical fitness and preparedness.

Peak Climbing Nepal- Island Peak Base Camp

Very strenuous

This grade of trekking gives the real adventure of mountaineering and is conducted in rarely visited areas. Trekkers have to go hard walk for 8-9 hours each day. Trekking willing to go for a very strenuous trek should get special training and need to have strong physical appropriateness.