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Nepal Special Tours

Oriental Journeys Nepal Special Tours take you to the depth of the natural and cultural essence of the country. These special tour packages are mean to explore the rich cultural heritages, cultures, rich art, and architecture of medieval Nepal.

Nepal, popularly known as the country of the Mountains is home of eight out of 14 highest peaks in the world including Mt.Everest. Besides the mountains, Nepal has plentiful places that are magnanimously blessed with natural beauties. Nepal Special Tour package takes you to the most beautiful places to touch the exotics and unique experiences.

In addition to it, Nepal has been a Yoga Heaven for the millenniums. The ancient Hermits, Yogis, and Saints have meditated in the Himalayas lap for years before they attained Salvation/Nirvana. The unique feasts, festivals, traditions, and cultural practices are more alluring for the visitors.