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Guided Tours in Nepal

Tours in Nepal is always alluring and stimulating to explore more. Despite its size, Nepal hosts centuries-old arts, artifacts, temples, monuments and stupas that are the cultural and religious centers of traditional Nepalese societies. One experiences the breathtaking view of high Himalayas and spectacular beauties of natural gifts being in the tours to Nepal. Not only the highest peak of the world Mount Everest but also more than 13000 different snow-capped peaks are the target of Adventure enthusiasts from around the world.

A traveler has many options to taste the diverse attractions of Nepal, either through Wildlife Jungle Safari, Cultural Tours or Easy to Adventure multi-day hiking tours in the Himalayas. In addition, cultural tours to the religious center of Buddhists and Hindu are the most visited shrines located at different points of Nepal. Oriental Journeys also organizes a single day to multi-days tailor-made holiday packages as per the requirement of travelers.

Day Tours

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Yoga Trek

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