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Newly Open Trekking

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Newly Open Trekking destinations: Trek the virgin trails of Nepal

A wide range of Himalayas hosts many trails as Newly Open Trekking Routes of Nepal.  Nepal as a Himalayan country has a diverse landscape ranging from the lowest altitude to the top of the world. There are many trails connecting the valleys within those Himalayas and high pastures. The high hills, glacier lakes, and sacred ponds are major attractions of domestic and foreign tourists. The locals and the government initiatives have developed new and professional trekking routes in those areas. The routes are commercially developing with standard tourist facilities.

The newly open Trekking destination is beautiful and scenic. Some of them are alternative routes for existing trekking destinations. Whereas, few are completely new destinations. The rising popularity of virgin trails has diversified the trekking products of Nepal. The lonely villages have unique products to offer the trekkers. Furthermore, the entire routes are rich in flora & fauna.

Trekkers get more excitement while passing through these virgin trails. Each trail is profound with rare cultures, unique lifestyles, and pristine nature. The most spectacular views of the Himalayan ranges spicing up the trek to these remote corners of Nepal are famous for virgin trail treks.

The newly open trekking trails mostly pass through the isolated settlements of high altitudes. Some of the trails still demand to depend upon camping trek. Trekkers should be self-sufficient with food, cooking, and camping equipment. We at Oriental Journeys will take care of your all camping arrangements. Trekkers can only concentrate on enjoying the trek and nature of the trail.

We are specialized in operating treks to the newly open trekking trails. The major new trails are Pikey Peak Trek, Khaptad Badi Malika Trek, Dudh Kunda, Khair Lake, Bhairav Kunda,  and Panch Pokhari. Whereas the new trails of Tsum Valley, Nar Phu Valley Trek are more popular.