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Vaccinations and Immunisation

Vaccinations against the following disease are recommended before traveling to Nepal. To be absolutely certain, please consult your doctor before your trip as they are only indications.

  • Typhoid – Ideally, two weeks before the trip.
  • Hepatitis A – Ideally, two weeks before the trip.
  • Cholera – Ideally, two weeks before the trip.
  • Tests for tuberculosis. ideal three months before departure.
  • Hepatitis B is advised against in Nepal. Ideally, two months ahead of time.
  • Meningococcal meningitis: advised against in Nepal. Preferably a week before departure.
  • Yellow fever: If arriving from a region where there is a danger of yellow fever transmission to Nepal, a certificate of immunization is necessary. Ideally, ten days prior to departure.
  • Japanese B encephalitis – Ideally, one month prior to departure
  • COVID – You may need to present the vaccinations certificate for Corona Virus (COVID)

Travelers from the United Kingdom follow the Link to ensure the standard health and safety concern.

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