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Management Team

Machhindra Acharya
Machhindra AcharyaTeam Leader

Machhindra Acharya +447456906670 Himself a traveler, and leader in many disciplines, Machhindra Acharya has been...

Radhika Thapa
Radhika ThapaDirector

Radhika is the company's Director, and she is a force to be reckoned with. She...

Ram KC
Ram KCFinance Head

Ram KC Mr. KC is in charge of the company's financial management. He has been...

Prabina Chaulagain
Prabina ChaulagainPrabina Chaulagain

Prabina Chaulagain As a young and energetic member of Oriental Journeys, Prabina Chaulagain holds an...

Trekking Leaders

Narbin Magar
Narbin MagarSenior Mountaineering Leader

Narbin Magar Mr. Narbin Magar is a young yet very hardworking, enthusiastic, and the leading...

Layul Tamang
Layul LamaTrekking Leader

Layul Lama Born in a remote village of Dhading district, Layul himself wants to involve...

Aneel Mahat
Aneel MahatSenior Trekking Leader

Aneel Mahat Born in the hilly region of Nuwakot, Mr Mahat is a senior trek...

Tour Leaders

Nabin Prasad Dhakal
Nabin Prasad DhakalTour Guide

Nabin Prasad Dhakal Mr. Dhakal's educational background and experience in the field make him a...

Foreign Representatives

Debendra Acharya
Debendra AcharyaRepresentative, Germany

Debendra Acharya He enjoys being social in a group and atmosphere under certain circumstances, as...

Nabin Khanal
NL Khanal (Nabin)Representative, United Arab Emirates

NL Khanal (Nabin) Email: nlkhanal@orientaltreks.com Mr. Khanal as a very energetic person is one of...