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"Experience the uniqueness of Nepal on foot"

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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking Nepal in the shadows of the most colossal mountains on earth, across the picturesque highlands. The waterfalls, coniferous forests, and national parks blends with mountains and plains. Interact with the pristine cultures and lifestyles of the mountains at the rural villages, embellished by colorful Buddhist prayer flags.

Trekking Nepal is a unique tourism product in Nepal. Upper Nepal bestows trekkers with some much-acclaimed trekking routes, the best in the world, where tens of thousands of tourists share their unforgettable experience every year. Stretching through the six climatic zones – tropical, subtropical, temperate, sub-alpine, alpine, and arctic – the routes range from fairly remote to extremely remote settings, and from moderate to high levels of difficulty. Come defy the horizons, and ascend yourself above the clouds, for the mountains are calling you!