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Trip Pre-Booking Information

We hope the trip pre-booking information ease you to select your trip on a particular date. Oriental Journeys makes the trip inquiry process easier and straightforward. The interested traveler should follow the few instructions to join for the tour that must be done once in a lifetime. Before booking, we would like to request our avid travelers to read out the entire relevant tour itinerary that is available on our website. If you found anything unanswered, you can ask us a question at any time.

How to select a trip?

This is a general query of every people and they have this question in mind before going anywhere else for holidays. Since this is a crucial thing to know for the vacation, Oriental Journeys have provided constructive guidelines to select a trip to Nepal and fulfill your dream vacation as a real one. First of all, you should be clear about where you are going and what kind of travel you are interested in. Then you can make a trip inquiry via the company website.

Before going on the trip, firstly collect first-hand knowledge about the company or agencies that you are traveling with and gather knowledge about the company which will be helpful for you. Besides the company information, you must have some ideas regarding the major issues like health, climate, altitudes, and the best seasons for traveling. Therefore, We have provided you some tips for the considerations that would rely on help you before confirming your trip and make your journey lifetime memorable.

Tips for how to select a Trip


Health is a vital aspect and it must be in good condition during the holidays. Therefore, we would like to request you to consider your health above all before going on any trip. “Health is wealth” and it must be applicable for all the travelers during your trip. Based on your health conditions, you can confirm your trip with safety.


Weather and environment is another thing that travelers must know about the destination place. Based on the climatic conditions, you can decide about your backpack. You are the master of your body and you know what kind of weather would be harmful to you. Therefore, you can consider yourself if you resist in such weather. However, Nepal’s climatic condition is mostly moderate.


Your confidence is foremost for determining your tour. If you are mentally and physically for you can even join for the tough trekking and if not there are multiple options for the easy and moderate types of trekking and tour in Nepal.


Some people may have a problem with high altitudes such as altitude sickness and coldness. Therefore, you must know about the height you are going for and undertake the precaution during the trek.


Since knowing the traveling country and destination is crucial, we request all our travelers to keep in mind that what type of country they are traveling to. It would be better to know about the political status and the conflicts of the nation as well. We wish you to be safe and secure.

Cost and other factors


Cost is an important factor in making your dream true. Therefore, we would like to request the travelers to decide the trip according to the budget.


Since safety is the foremost important aspect while traveling, we would like to request our travelers to make sure about the safety of the trekking company. It is always a better idea to travel through a reliable agency. Running after low operating costs may not ensure safety.


Since time is another important factor for the holidaymakers, we request our travelers to manage the trip following their holidays or leisure duration. For any unseen consequences, you have to put a couple of days as a balanced day during the trip.


One must have some knowledge regarding the facilities of destination places. One must be up to date with the facilities including communication, transportation, lodging, camping, food, and emergency and rescue things before the beginning of the trip.

“Welcome to the Land of Himalayas”. Oriental Journeys are always hopeful for making the journey of the traveler’s lifetime memories. I wish you all the best in your memorable journey to Nepal.  


Trip Inquiry Process

  • Make a plan for certain tour(s) in Nepal
  • Browse and choose a trek you are interested in from our web page
  • Contact us via our inquiry form or write us at info@orientaltreks.com to know about the tour in-depth and to fulfill your query regarding the trek

Our Contact Address:

Oriental Journeys Pvt. Ltd

Tokha-11, Kathmandu

Phone: +977-014382898

Mobile: +977-9841602630, +9779843508595

Whats App:+977-9841602630, +9779843508595

Email: info@orientaltreks.com, ojtrip@gmail.com

Website: www.orientaltreks.com, www.ojtreks.com


  • Once you are clear about details of any tour or trek including duration, route, no. of people, and price, and agreed with the terms and conditions, we will make a provisional booking. Furthermore, we will provide you the dates and costs of the trip. To confirm the booking, we would like to request our customers to pay a 25% cost of the total trip.


Payment Options

Once the booking is confirmed, the company requires 25% of the trip booking amount as an advance. Customers can pay back the remaining amount once they arrived in Nepal.  The full payment should be paid before the departure of the trip. However, if you have booked the trip in a last-minute before a week, you need to pay back the total amount of money as an advance.

Oriental Journeys has an online payment system and you can pay via card online.

  • Online Payment: Click Here
  • Wired Payment: Bank Transfer

Customers can pay us via bank transfer as per their comfort.

Account Holder’s Name: Oriental Journeys Pvt. Ltd.

Bank Name: Mega Bank Nepal Limited

Account Number: 0570010133097

Account Type: Current

Address: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


  • Payment via Western Union/ Money Gram or Other money Transfer

The customer can pay money via different money transfers. You can send the money either via Western Union, Money Gram, or other Money Transfer. However, after you make the payment, you have to send us the MTCN or no. of transferring money.

You can use the nearby Western Union /Money gram or any other money transfer local agents in your nearby location. You can fill the location and fill the money in order. You need the following details to fill-up the form.

Mailing Country: Nepal

City: Kathmandu

Payee’s Name:

First Name: Machhindra

Last Name: Acharya

Contact No: +977-9841602630