Why to trek Langtang Valley

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Why to trek Langtang Valley?

To receive clear information Why to trek Langtang Valley, you should check some facts about the trekking destination. Langtang, “The Valley of Glacier” is a standout amongst the most well-known natural heavens of Nepal. The valley is among the top third best trekking terminus of Nepal.

Engulfed within the Langtang National Park territory, it is the home to different extraordinary fledglings and untamed life. The region preserves valuable wildlife like Red Panda and musk dears, among the Panthers, Jackals, mountain Thar, Himalayan dark beer, and numerous animals including sub-alpine and alpine vegetation.

The sacred lake of Gosaikunda is the jewel of the region which attracts tens of thousands of pilgrimage each year. Alongside the spectacular mountain views of Mt. Ganesh Himal, Dorji Lakpa, Langshisha Ri, Gangchhenpo, Yala peak, and Naya Kanga dominated by Langtang Ri persuade every trekker. Due to its diverse attractions many tourist fly the valley from Kathmandu with a Langtang Helicopter tour.

Reasons to choose the trail

Experience the Off the beaten path trek

Despite its popularity and diverse attractions, the Langtang region receives less than twenty thousand trekkers a year. As a result, it preserves its vegetation and organic nature is the original state. There is more to offer the visitor is its organic form. Trekkers enjoy the local hospitality in a less crowded zone of Langtang National Park and within a peaceful journey. Trekker who loves to walk on a natural trail experiencing the rural lifestyle, diverse culture, and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Budget Destination

Compared to other destinations, Langtang Valley is in easy access from the capital city of Kathmandu.  Travelers can enjoy the wonderful hiking in the Langtang region in a cheaper budget than the Everest and Annapurna region. One can access the trailhead easily by a car or bus within 6-7 hours of a comfortable drive.

Highly affected by the Mega Earthquake of 2020

The region was highly affected during the mega earthquake in 2015. It has completed the restoration but still need more tourist to grow the business. It will help them to revive completely. So, visiting the region helps them to heal. The entire Langtang village buried under the deposit from Avalance just at the time of mega-earthquake. It killed around 310 people including the big number of tourists.

Langtang Village

Low-Risk Factors

Trekking on the higher altitude Himalayan region consists of severe risk and possesses high threats to one’s life. The trail of the trekking to the higher altitude region has the slippery trail and narrow paths due to which a trekker may endure several unseen and unexpected hindrances. Trekking in the Langtang Region is relatively much safer despite being less adventurous and with a lower elevation hike than Annapurna and Everest Region. The trail path of this trekking is wide and is much safer than higher altitude trekking because there is no risk of getting hit by a falling rock along the path and also the path is dry. Moreover, there is no chance of getting AMS (Acuate Mountain Sickness), as most of the trekking path passes around the tree line area and the destination itself is in low altitude.

Culturally rich

The trekking trail to the Langtang Valley crosses various local villages en route. The villages give us the chance to experience the rural life of Nepalese people. You will be overpowered with social execution of Tamang, Sherpa, and Hyolmo indigenous neighborhood, their warm neighborliness, special lifestyles, customs, customary houses thatched, and stone roof. The ethnic and typical village of Langtang valley offers a differing social and cultural flavor with various ceremonies and conventions based on Buddhism. The culture these people practice is ancient and has been transferred from generation to generation and is still intact despite the influence of the modern phenomenon of globalization. The incredible Himalayan landscape, magnificent sceneries,  rich greenery are the essence of the trek. Besides that the local custom, tradition, and culture, as well as the living style of the people living in this region, are things to experience here.

Alluring Views of Mountains

As the Valle is the least popular trekking destination region, it still has more to offer than generally expected. The Langtang Region is one of the most wonderful valleys. The valley is rich in impressive and magnificent snowcap mountain vistas. Significant fascination of Langtang Trekking is the surrounding Himalayan perspective of snow-topped mountains, such as Langtang Lirung, Tibet Himalayas, Gang Chhenpo, Naya Kanga, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Dorje Lakpa as well as Gaurisankar Himal.

Gosaikunda Lake and Kyanjin Gompa

The religious significance of the Gosaikunda lake in the southern part and Kyanjin Gompa in the eastern end have made the region as pilgrimage valley. Gosainkunda also known as a solidified lake, is a holy pilgrimage site for the Hindus and has a beautiful sight to behold. The Gosaikunda area is a cluster of several lakes in which holy Gosainkunda – the third one amongst them, has more significance. This lake is situated at a height of 4,380m from the sea level. The other attraction of Langtang valley is Kyanjin Gompa- a monastery of Buddhists, who is supposed to be 400 years old. Kyanjin Gompa is one of the most important spiritual sites in the Langtang region. These sites are worth exploring.

Warm Accommodation

The entire route of Langtang valley has basic teahouse lodges for trekker’s accommodation. They have warm rooms with twin sharing warm beds. Some of the have attached bathrooms.

Hospitable people

Similar to other trekking destinations the locals run the lodges and shops in the region. The people are hospitals and let feel you a warm and safe environment.

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