Some Facts about Gosaikunda Trek

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Know some Facts before setting off the Gosaikunda Trek

A traveler should know and be aware of the some Facts about Gosaikunda Trek before setting up for the trip. Nepal offers varied destinations to enjoy the trekking. Gosainkunda trekking is among the most liked trekking destinations.

Gosaikunda Trekking

Gosainkunda trekking is a short, easy, and scenic trek starting from Kathmandu to Gosaikunda. It takes six to seven days to complete the trek. One can either start the trek from Dhunche and complete at Sundarijal or vice versa. To start from Sundarijal, an hour of drive from Kathmandu takes you to the trailhead.

How about Gosaikunda Trek difficulty?

The Gosaikunda (4380mtrs) is the ultimate destination of the Gosainkunda Lake trek. The trail falls under the moderate level trek. However, its level of difficulty depends on various external factors. The traveling season affects the hiking program to Gosaikunda trek. Besides that the mode of transportation, your route and itinerary also affect the trekking. The trek is suitable for beginners. A good number of aged pilgrims and religious tourists visit the destination. Trekking the trail does not require any kinds of mountaineering and technical skills.  Local licensed guides help traveler to reach the destination with much ease. Following the standard walking time with a gradual altitude gain is highly recommended for the best experience. You can customize your itinerary for acclimatization.

What are the major highlights of Gosaikunda trek?

The major highlight of the trek is the 108 lakes, the religious site for both Hindus and Buddhists. Besides that the trail offers a breathtaking view of Himalayan ranges in another side. The Himalayan panorama includes. Mt. Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang mountain range, and border mountains. You can see a beautiful sunset from the edge of Gosaikunda. The Pilgrimage to Gosainkunda is an amazing experience in regards to the wonderful hiking. The Cheese factory at Chandanbari produces a tasty Yak cheese. It is the best souvenir to take home.

Some Facts about Gosaikunda Trek
Chandan Bari (Sing Gumba) – Gosaikunda Trek

What are the meal options during Gosaikunda Trek?

Whenever we travel to new places, the first thing that comes into our mind is food. It is the main concern in any type of travel. While traveling the new places, especially in remote areas, we have a limited choice for meal options. However, you can enjoy a  delightful cuisine of typical Nepali food, continental food, Italian food, Chinese food, and different international cuisine in the Gosainkunda Area. You can take advice from your guide to choose the food during your trip.

Always consider the place, altitude, and your physical state while selecting the meal. We highly recommend not to order much food and waste it. It takes hard labor to take the foods up in the high altitude. A package trip includes your three meals a day. You will have your dinner and breakfast at the lodge where you stay overnight. You will have your breakfast at the route side local tea shops/restaurants.

Can we easily get the drinking water while trekking?

A trekker can purchase the bottled water during the trek. The better option is to carry a reusable water bottle with you. Buying a water bottle every time you drink will be a big burden to the environment. You can get bottled water and mineral water at an additional cost. You can get hot water at the tea shops. Alternatively, take the tap water and use a water purifier to make it drinkable.

Do we get proper accommodations while trekking to Gosaikunda Lake?

Similar to other popular trekking destinations of Nepal, Gosaikunda Lake trail has got local teahouse lodges for accommodation. They have basic facilities with common toilets/bathrooms. hence, the Gosaikunda trek is also called lodge trek. A tea house lodge is a combined form of lodge and restaurant. They prepare breakfast and dinner for the trekkers staying with them. They charge a minimum for the lodging. The rooms have very little furniture. Generally, they have twin sharing beds in each room. They provide the bed with a mattress, pillow, and blanket. You can carry your sleeping bags to ensure extra warmth during the night.   The teahouse generally has warm and relatively bigger dining halls. The dining halls are heated by the Bukhara stove. Some teahouse are equipped with solar electricity. So, most of the tea houses have electricity for camera and mobile charging, these days.

Does it require special training to trek Gosaikunda Lake trail?

You do not require any special climbing or mountaineering skill to trek the Gosaikunda Lake trail. It is a moderate trek. To enjoy your comfortable walk, you can practice jogging and walking exercises to keep muscles fit. It helps you to stretch your body for a couple of days of high altitude hiking.

Do it require any special Health condition to go for Gosaikunda trek?

You will be walking 5-7 hours each day to complete the trip. It requires good health, average physical fitness, passion, confidence, determination, and a positive attitude. If you have hiking experience or exercising habits, it gives you more confidence. It gives a better trekking experience. The person with pre-existing joint problems, lung, heart, and other diseases should consult the doctor before going the trek.

How about Gosaikunda Weather and Temperature?

The weather around the surrounding of Gosaikunda keeps on changing due to its Alpine nature. It is generally humid and misty during the afternoon with frequent rain during the late spring. The winter is dry, sunny with clear skies. You should better check the weather forecast before proceeding with the trek. Also it is highly recommended to check for the smart packing.

What is the Best Time to Trek to Gosaikunda

Since the trek to Gosaikunda is highly affected by the weather condition, get the necessary update. Generally, the Autumn (Sept-Nov) and spring (March-May) are the best seasons for trekking the Gosaikunda. The pre-monsoon and monsoon may affect the trek during Jun – August. Trek during the winter to avoid much traffic in the route but might have to cold weather but clear skies. Monsoon trek is best for photography. It is good for botanical keens to see the colorful flowers of alpine pastures.

Can I combine Gosainkunda with Langtang Valley trek?

Adding more days in the existing itinerary of Gosaikunda trek lets you visit Langtang Valley. You can add 5 extra days to complete the Langtang Valley trek. Start from Syabrubensi and follow the trail to the valley through Lama hotel. The beautiful Langtang Valley and Kyanging village are the major settlement on the way. Traceback the same route up to Pahiro and ascend to the Thulo Syabru. The trail from Thulo Syabru links with Dhunche to Gosaikunda Lake trail nearby the Chandanbari.

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