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Langtang Valley trek Difficulty

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Langtang Valley trek Difficulty

Trekker should access the Langtang Valley Trek difficulty before planning the trip to Langtang. The trekking trail to the Langtang valley includes a gentle ascent and reaches at an altitude 3800 meters above sea level. Langtang Valley Trek is a short and difficulty level of the moderate range. The valley is popular for the serenity, wonderful mountain views, and Tamang people. 

If you want to enjoy the 360 degrees of panoramic views of mountains from Langtang valleys, you must have to overcome the barriers that get appeared during the trek. As a Human being, we can create plenty of ideas to subsidize these barriers. 

Langtang is not a technical trek. You do not need any mountaineering and climbing skills for accomplishing the Langtang Valley trek. The main difficulty of this trek is this ascending trek and you will get altitude sickness although altitude is only 3800m. There are plenty of places for proper accommodation and food.  Likewise,  If you have a passion for exploring rural Nepal and remote places, this would be the ideal trek. 

Normally, all people are not similarly capable of doing the trek. Some are physically fit and some not, some are mentally prepared and some are not. However, enough preparation for this trek reduces the chance of facing difficulties. Therefore, Oriental Journeys always recommend our trekkers to be prepared with all essential gear so that we can overcome those complications.

What are the factors that make the Langtang valley trek difficult? 

Langtang valley is not the toughest trek compared to other treks in Nepal. This is the third popular trekking destination in Nepal after Everest and Annapurna. Some factors make the Langtang valley trek toughest one although these factors are common for other trekking destinations too. They are as follows: 

Altitude Sickness: 

People may have altitude sickness problems at any time while trekking to the mountains. However, Langtang valley trek does not take you to the extreme altitudes as Everest does. But still, we can find many people who are suffering from altitude sickness in Langtang. Therefore, Oriental Journeys always suggests its avid traveler to make their body properly acclimatize with the altitude.  If you feel that you have altitude sickness, please convey this problem to your guide and descend as quickly as possible. When you take rest until you have normal breathing then you can start climbing. 

It is fair to say that every trek will have a certain amount of difficulties that you have to face. You may or may not feel altitude sickness at an altitude of 3540m. However, as you move ahead and reach at Kyanjin Gompa and Rsergo Ri, it locates in the highest altitude of 4985m  where you have higher chances of suffering from acute altitude sickness. 

Furthermore, you can use the medicine named Diamox which can be purchased in most of the pharmacies. But Oriental Journeys suggest you to have a consultation with a doctor beforehand. 


Langtang valley is one of the most remote places of Nepal and near to Kathmandu. There are no proper road and transportation facilities. Therefore, one should have to obtain carrying or flying services. 

The roads are narrow and surrounded by hills and mountains. Due to the remoteness, you will not have easy accessibility to any facilities during Langtang trek. Therefore, you must be well prepared for the trekking to avoid getting sick and injured. It takes a day to get the proper medical facility. Therefore, the information should be passed instantly to the central team if there is any concern and emergencies. The company will manage the flying service so that you will be cured soon. However, it will increase your expenditures. 

Trekking Routes  and trail

The difficulties depends upon your choice of trek and the routes. As mentioned earlier, the trekking routes of the Langtang valley is mostly moderate. However, still, there are some steep trails. Therefore, you need a significant amount of Stamina and have to set a goal to accomplish this trek with fun.

Mental and Physical Condition:

Another situation for the difficult trek depends on your mental and physical condition during the trek. preparing yourself mentally and physically for walking 5/6 hours per day would not bother you. However, if you found it difficult for average walking, there is an option for you to take the Helicopter tour to Langtang.

Therefore, preparing yourself physically and mentally will help you to overcome the barriers. It is a wise idea to keep your baggage as light as possible with good conditioned trekking gears. if you are a novice trekker, you can avoid the trekking difficulty in the best trekking seasons, especially during Autumn and Spring season.

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