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Teahouse Trekking in Nepal

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Teahouse Trekking in Nepal: Easy go trekking

All you need to know about the teahouse trekking in Nepal is about its availability and facility concerning the area you are going to visit. Most of the trekking trails in Nepal serve the tea houses’ accommodation. Hence the treks are called ‘tea house’ treks. It means every night you end up at a simple lodge with basic accommodation and a meal. The type of trek is also called “Lodge to Lodge trek”.  The best part about the teahouse trekking – you only have to carry very minimal gear.

The concept of Teahouse developed from tea shops of the past days. The teahouse trekking refers to staying in a lodge for each night of your trek. The major trekking routes in Nepal are teahouse treks, and allow the trekker to travel with the minimum budget and gears.

A teahouse varies from large comfortable, well-built lodges with common areas to a small bamboo hut lodged within the forest on a steep hill. More comfortable tea houses are available in popular trekking trails of Everest (Khumbu), Annapurna, and Langtang region.

What is Teahouse?

Teahouses may vary a bit concerning the trekking region, however, most of them are simple stone and wooden buildings. It looks like huts that have a kitchen, a communal eating hall and bathroom area, and many basic bedrooms. The rooms usually have two single beds and a table. The foreign trekkers visiting the area are specifically the target customer of the teahouses. But, in remote areas, they may be serving a few rooms ranging from 2-6 beds.

Teahouse trekking in the Annapurna region

The rooms of Teahouses are basic but are clean. Generally, bathrooms are common. If an attached bathroom is available, make your mind to pay some extra. Rooms are twin sharing and provided with a mattress, a pillow, and a thick blanket. During the cold season, you might need to top up another to get warm enough. You may carry a light sleeping bag for optional management while trekking in peak tourist season. Trekkers choose to skip the hot shower during their trek. Some tea houses offer hot bucket showers at small pay.

If you are worried about the cold or cleanliness, you can either take one from Kathmandu or Pokhara with yourself. Trekking gear like Sleeping bags with inner is available on hire or purchase in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Teahouse Behaviour

The cost of lodging is minimum in Teahouse (approx US$5) per night. If you are trekking with a packaged trip and price includes lodging and meals, it covers in teahouse expenses except for the snacks and extra drinks. Otherwise, the trekkers who travel only on guiding service or on their own are expected to eat all their meals at the teahouse at which they are staying.

The menu of Dal Bhat, momos, pasta, pizza, and other rice and noodle dishes are similar in all tea houses. However, the taste differs from one to another tea house.

Some dishes take a long time to prepare and the teahouse owner prefers to get them prepared before. It is advised to check it before eating. It will be wise to order a fresh meal, to avoid getting sick. Trekking crew; guide and porters generally eat Dal Bhat every day. Since it is Nepal’s regular meal and generally consistent, healthy, and readily available wherever you go.

Expect to experience a dearer menu price with a rise in altitude and longer distance from the trailhead. For example, the food is more expensive at Annapurna Base Camp than in Ghandruk. The cost varies because of the transportation cost and access from the road.

A healthy portion of Dal Bhat

The mobile network is extended in almost all trekking trails. Trekkers can enjoy the data package for the internet. Besides, many tea houses in trekking trails of Nepal, have wi-fi and charging outlets available nowadays. The charging points and wifi are available in the dining hall at least. The teahouses in the lower part of Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manang, Syabrubesi, and Namche Bazaar of Solukhumbu have better internet connections.

You can charge your extra batteries and electronic devices with a minimum fee. Generally, they have power outages at most teahouses. But be sure to charge whenever you get the chance!

Do all trails have teahouse trekking?

The major trekking areas of Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang regions have tea houses and lodges with standard facilities for accommodations. Besides the major trekking rouse, most of the beaten trails are getting more lodges and tea houses for tourist accommodation. The area like Dolpa, remote part of Kanchenjunga, Rolwaling and Western Nepal does not have enough tea houses. Trekkers still carry their camping equipment while traveling such areas.

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